A Five-Step Tutorial on Writing Effective Subliminal Messages

Have you recently discovered the power of the subliminal mind and how you can control it? Have you every tried it? Not everyone who discover it experience its amazing effects the first time around. If you are not enjoying its wonderful capacity to change your life yet, then it’s time to look at your technique. Maybe it’s the way your subliminal messages are composed.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to write subliminal messages the right way.

1. Think of what you want to achieve. Think carefully about what you really want to achieve. This could be a change in your state of mind or thought pattern, or a change in your actual habits and behavior. This could be a change in your circumstances, such as to have more money. Then check if there are any hindrances in your life or in your mind with regards to this goal. Start formulating your subliminal video messages by steering clear of the hindrances and focusing on what you want to change in yourself.

2. Start with yourself. Now, to start composing your subliminal message, here’s your main clue: start with yourself. Your message will be more effective if it is written in the first person, which means it either begins with “I” or involves the word “me.” So if you want to attract more money into your life, you can use subliminal messages such as:

I attract money.

Money comes easily to me.

3. Start today. Your next clue is to start today. This means your subliminal message should be in the present tense. So you should avoid subliminal messages that begin with “I will” because it talks about the future. Instead, you can use messages like:

I earn money now.

I invite money today.

4. Subtract negativity. Next, make sure to remove anything that has any association to negativity. This includes negative words or words that have negative connotations. This includes the words “not” or “don’t.” For example, if you say “I will not smoke” or “I don’t smoke anymore”, even if the message is ultimately positive, the message will still not work.

If you are trying to get rid of something in your life, you should also avoid words that will remind you of what you are trying to get rid of. So if you want to remove alcohol from your life, you should not say “I do not drink alcohol anymore.” Instead, you should say:

I am free from drinking habits.

I choose only healthy habits.

Double negations should also be avoided.

5. Add positivity. Once you get rid of the negative words, you can add more positive words. The more powerful the words, the greater the motivation you will get from them. Positive words such as “free”, “strong”, “capable”, “talented”, and so on can help add power to your messages. You should also use proactive words and phrase such as “I choose to” or “I decide to.”

Now, your subliminal messages should be ready for use. You can start changing your life with their help.

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