Video Tutorial Training Advantages

In the arena of Internet Marketing, we are beginning to see a rise in websites using short clips of video to impart knowledge on how to make money online to keen online entrepreneurs.

Video tutorials have been an effective tool in teaching and providing instructions to people who are looking into make money online.

What are the advantages of using videos to present and train as compare to written products?

Here I have listed 8 reasons why video is a marvellous medium to convey information to the mass.

Reason #1: Video does not interfere with the learner’s time. He can watch at his own pace, wherever and whenever he wants.

Reason #2: With video, it is expected to capture nearly 100% of the learner’s concentration. People will watch these training videos, because they are unique presentations.

Reason #3: Video can show how tasks are performed, something which written materials cannot do. It can bring training to life and learning will never be boring.

Reason #4: Video is an excellent way to teach a subject that has any degree of complexity. The learner is literally looking over the trainer’s shoulder on how he carries out a task.

Reason #5: Videos are the most powerful communicative tools in history. Video allows the trainer to communicate his message quickly and effectively, while holding the learners’ interest.

Reason #6: Video presents standardized information for every viewer, every time. This is especially important in training applications, because it allows the viewer to go back over areas they missed.

Reason #7: One of the reasons why video is such a powerful medium is because it involves the learner’s emotions. Even for training purpose, the ease of learning can alleviate a person’s fear to a particular subject.

Reason #8: Producing a training video often costs no more than writing an ebook. In fact, video is able to give a great deal of information in a short amount of time.

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